Bella Thorne Glamorizes Beat-up Makeup

Thorne has yet to respond to the backlash to her made-up look.

Bella Thorne glamorizes beatup makeup
Bella Thorne glamorizes beatup makeup

Bella Thorne may not have meant any harm with her recent Halloween post, but fans of the actress are calling her out for taking her holiday makeup look too far.

Thorne posted three selfies to Instagram Wednesday ahead of Halloween that appear to show the author with a busted lip and bruised eye, captioning the photo, “Hire me for your Halloween makeup I got u boo 🔪🔪🔪 😂😂😂.”

While some followers appreciated her dark sense of humor, many believed the star was making light of domestic abuse.

“Why is glamorizing being physically abused culturally appropriate during Halloween?” one person asked, with another adding, “I’m not the only one who thinks it’s insensitive.”

“I just find this post slightly triggering and surprising as she is a strong spokeswoman against abuse and such.”

For Halloween itself, Thorne went with a far less controversial look, rocking a revealing Girl Scouts uniform.


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