Best Beauty Videos on TikTok of 2019

We Discovered Unicorn Braids and Glitter Face Masks in the 2019 Rabbit Hole That Is TikTok

Glitter Mask TikTok
Glitter Mask TikTok

It would be impossible to tally up the amount of hours we’ve spent going down the TikTok rabbit hole, discovering everything from hilarious cat memes to trendy dance moves to watch (and rewatch). And you can bet many of those hours were dedicated to seeking out all things beauty: surprising hacks, helpful tutorials, product reviews, makeup challenges, and more.

If you thought foam glitter explosions were satisfying to watch, wait until you see glitter acrylic perfectly flowing down a nail.

Harlequin Clown Makeup

Watch makeup artist Abby Roberts expertly transform herself into a full harlequin clown, red-and-white checkered face, ombré lips, exaggerated lashes, and all.

#EyesLipsFace Challenge

Back in October, E.l.f. Cosmetics launched the #eyeslipsface challenge on TikTok to invite users to post videos highlighting their eyes, lips, and face. This was James Charles’s answer to the challenge, complete with full contour and highlight, false lashes, and glossy lips.

Multicolor Hair Highlights

For a peek into the DIY hair escapades of TikTok creator Emily Munyak, watch her add pink and purple highlights to sections of her hair. And if you’re curious, this video shares the results.

Unicorn Braid

Creating a french braid has never looked so easy — or satisfying. If you’ve ever struggled with creating a french braid, this video breaks down a unique approach that delivers the same result. Bonus points for unicorn-colored hair!

Random Eye Shadow Challenge

What happens when you leave your makeup look up to fate — or at least a random number generator? Watch James Charles create an eye shadow look by randomly selecting three shades from his Morphe James Charles Palette.

Glitter Face Mask

If you want to see the Too Faced Silver Glow Job Glitter Face Mask in action, look no further than this video from influencer Victoria Lyn. She first preps her skin with the mask before finishing the look with a swipe of lip gloss and mascara.

Barbie-Inspired Makeup

From blue to pink ombré eye shadow to glitter liner, Victoria Lyn creates the ultimate Barbie Girl makeup look with the help of products from the PÜR x Barbie Collection.


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