Life-Size Russian Batmobile Replica Stopped In Moscow

Not even BATMAN is above the law in Russia!


A video has emerged showing a life-sized and fully functional Batmobile, which was seized in Russia this week for reportedly not fitting road safety regulations. Even the Dark Knight isn’t above the law.

According to the BBC, the extravagant vehicle – a replica of the superhero wagon shown in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – was stopped by Moscow authorities to check it was roadworthy.

In short, it was not. The city’s branch of the Ministry of the Interior released a statement which said the Batmobile was confiscated in central Moscow as it was ‘not manufactured within factory conditions’ and ‘exceeded acceptable norms’.

The statement goes on to claim the car was neither certified as fit for use on the road nor registered with the appropriate authorities, having not undergone the Russian equivalent of an MOT test.

Batmobile in Moscow, Russia
Batmobile in Moscow, Russia

Needless to say, it was only a matter of time before the car got stopped – it’s anything but subtle.

News of the incident garnered plenty of attention from amused viewers. One wrote: “Robert Pattinson isn’t Batman for 5 minutes and this is what happens!?” Another declared: “Batman is not gonna be happy about this!”

The 32-year-old owner is now under investigation by Moscow police and is facing three separate charges for the vehicle’s weight or size, its lack of certification and features that deem it not permissible to drive on the road.

Is it the same vehicle?

Last year, a similar Batmobile replica showed up in Russia where it was on sale for an eye-watering 55 million RUB (£686,000), although it’s unclear whether this is the same car as the one in the footage.

Batmobile in Russia, exact life-size replica
Batmobile in Russia, exact life-size replica

The two-seater coupe that made the headlines last year was 20-feet-long and had its own thermal imaging camera, replica gun and bullet-proof windows.

Prior to this, another version inspired by the Batmobile from the 1989 classic sold for 73 million RUB (£920,000).

As previously outlined, despite costing more than a house, none of these vehicles are suitable for normal roads due to their size and can only be transported on special vehicles in urban areas.

In this case, it seems the driver didn’t get the memo.


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