Ariane Saint-Amour: Fetish Sex Doll That Spent +£33K On Surgery

Her new extreme look has entered her into the niche market of fetish modelling and has been approved by her boyfriend, Guillaume, who she admits gets some perks out of her look.


An erotica model has splurged over £33,000 on plastic surgery to enhance her body in a bid to look like a fetish sex doll.

When Ariane Saint-Amour, 28, from Montreal, Canada, left college, she began to strip in clubs to pay for body modifications and latex bodysuits.

Despite having 28D size boobs, she desired an extreme look which prompted her to undergo two boob jobs and a refill of saline to get them bigger increasing her bra size to 30J.

Ariane Saint-Amour
Speaking about the reaction her looks usually get, she explained: “I rarely leave people neutral, I get praises for my looks from both women and men, but also the less common negative feedback from those that feel threatened when I’m around.

“The negative feedback is usually equally shared by men and women alike. Just as is the positive. Most comments are very typical, ranging from ‘OMG OMG OMG’, ‘I’m in love’, ‘I’m your biggest fan’, ‘You are perfect’ or ‘You are the best’.”

Touching on the negative aspect, she added: “I don’t pay attention to the negative attention much, but it’s mostly slut shaming and bullying.

“I’ve always been into the fetish world because I’m a gothic girl – so, corsets, PVC and sexy outfits are a casual thing in this world – I just added latex to my wardrobe over the years.

Ariane Saint-Amour
“I decided eight years ago to make it a project. I started in the year after my first breast augmentation in 2010 and started becoming more serious about it in 2012. I launched my website not long after.

“When I was seventeen, I studied fashion design. About two-and-a-half-years later, I started to strip so I could invest in some body mods and latex.”

She continued: “Bigger breasts are what got me into plastic surgery. I was already considered busty, but I desired a more extreme look. I’m always looking for new improvements.

“I was naturally quite busty. I had a natural D-cup, but I just wanted to get big mega breasts. I’m very pleased with what I’ve achieved so far; I feel like I’m still the same girl, I just look different now.

Ariane Saint-Amour
“I’ve been with the same great partner from before my first upgrade. Professionally though, the more extreme look grants access to a niche market.

“Being a fetish model requires you to be extreme at something; I’m extreme in my body modifications. This makes me the perfect looking fetish sex doll.

Ariane Saint-Amour
“I had my first procedure, a breast augmentation, when I was twenty; it made me feel like I needed to get them bigger, so a few months later I had them refilled.”

Ariane now says her extreme physique has attracted positive attention from men and women and that her boyfriend is satisfied with how she looks.

She added: “I’m sadly pretty much done with what I can change on my body. But bigger boobs in the near future is certainly a possibility.

“My message to everyone is to be however you want to be, you have only one life to live, live it to the fullest.”


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