Animal Crossing: New Horizons Has Come At The Perfect Social-Distancing Time

Animal Crossing has come at the perfect time for people who are social-distancing


It’s official, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has released on Nintendo Switch, and given the current global crisis brought on by the coronavirus, it has come at the best possible time.

In our review of Animal Crossing, we called the lovely game “a panacea to an otherwise uncertain and worrying reality” and we really mean that.

A sentiment that’s being echoed on social media, thousands of people are rejoicing that they finally get to play it and dive into a peaceful, charming world free of worry and stress.

Things as simple as getting your home looking just the way you want it, to finally set up a communal area for your neighbors, long-term planning (and aesthetically pleasing chair placements) become profoundly rewarding.


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