A Great White Shark Stalked And Attacked A Fishermen’s Boat

After seeing the great white shark up close, Arron said ‘the adrenaline was flowing initially for sure’.


The incident happened off Cape Elizabeth Point on the Yorke Peninsula in Adelaide, South Australia, as Arron Piekarski and his dad were fishing.

The huge shark reportedly circled their boat for about five minutes before approaching it and trying to take a chunk out of their vessel.

After realising biting it won’t work, the great white returns to hit the boat with its nose in the hopes of dislodging the box. The lengths some people – or sharks – will go to for a cold beer…

Great White Shark attacks fishermen's boat
As the video shows, the shark lunges out of the water and attempts to get the black box on the side of the boat, which was full of beer.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia about the encounter, Arron said:

I was out fishing for whiting and squid with my dad and really out of nowhere it come up from the back of the boat.

It hung around for probably five minutes or so doing laps of the boat.

Every time it swam passed it either bit the motor, bit the side of the boat or back of the boat.

He said:

We had a similar experience a couple of years ago and we were more excited to get some good footage.

Great White Shark attacks fishermen's boat
The fisherman grabbed his camera and managed to record the scary encounter with the 12ft shark.

Posting the footage to social media, Shark Watch South Australia wrote:

Not before long this inquisitive Great White Shark came along tempting the boys to fire up their GoPro for action in what became a lengthy interaction between man and the ultimate predator of the seas.

The twelve foot shark makes no hesitation in closely investigating the boat by biting the prop and nudging the small boat numerous times, a trade mark feature of many other encounter video’s with boats featured on Shark Watch SA and the Great White Shark’s calculated nature.

With a ‘not so camera shy’ display of her (the sharks) beauty combined with the top notch resolution of the GoPro camera, the boys narrate a priceless raw experience delivered in the highest quality for those behind the screen to see.

We’re gonna need a bigger boat, and some more beer!


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