2-Year-Old Saw Bruce Banner Go Hulk, Priceless Reaction!

You never forget the first time you watch Bruce Banner transform in his giant green alter ego, the Hulk.


Irish comedian Paddy Raff‘s two-year-old daughter, Clara, recently saw the movie magic happen for the first time while watching one of Marvel’s Avengers films, and her hilariously relatable action was captured on camera.

While snacking on some chips and sitting on the couch next to a Spider-Man action figure, Clara can be seen repeatedly shouting “no!” at the television screen and waving her finger back and forth to discourage the Hulk from smashing everything in sight.

According to Clara’s dad, she was either watching the 2012 movie, The Avengers, or the 2015 Marvel movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron in the moment captured above. (He’s unsure because his five-year-old son Ronan was in control of the television at the time.)

The family is full of Avengers fans, and Ronan also owns a bunch range of action figures, which Clara loves to play with and feed “breakfast” when he goes to school.

“One day I caught her on standing them up in a line then sitting them down in a row now she does it all the time. I have loads of pictures of her carefully arranging them in various poses and feeding them,” her dad explained in an email. “Hulk was always her favorite.”

Though Clara had seen Lego Avengers movies on Netflix, this was the first time she was allowed to watch a more advanced film in the Avengers franchise.

“I just happened to record her when she saw the Hulk do his thing for the first time,” her dad said, explaining that she was “transfixed” while watching the movie.

Though Clara has a few other Hulk films to catch up on in life, her dad doesn’t plan on showing her The Incredible Hulk starring Lou Ferrigno any time soon. “She’s maybe a bit too young for that,” he said.

Here’s hoping that when the day does come, however, he captures her Ferrigno reaction on camera, too.


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